Waggle My Mouse

Never Lose your mouse pointer again!

  • Work with multiple monitors?
  • High resolution screens?
  • A developer?
  • A creative?
  • Ever lose your mouse pointer?

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Never lose your mouse pointer again!

  • Just waggle (shake) your mouse from side to side and instantly find it!
  • A small, efficient time saving tool that saves all the frustration!
  • ... and all cheaper than a Starbucks!


As a developer I got to use a Mac and a Windows machine. My boss upgraded my monitor, to a large 40 inch display! Life was great... until I lost my mouse pointer.

A Mac mouse shake mod for Windows

On the Mac all I had to do was shake the mouse and the mouse pointer would enlarge / grow. The cursor would get bigger until I could see it. This doesn't happen on Windows. Windows didn't have a feature like this. So I decided to build one.

Developer Diary and Open Source Code

If you are a developer like me, you can read about the design and evolution of Waggle My Mouse on my personal blog. I've even made some of the tips and tools for detecting a waggle available for free on GitHub - Check out the "Temporal Boolean" tool - "TBool".